Link Kirby


Crafted with precision using cutting-edge 3D printing technology.
Regular = 3.5″ Tall x 4″ Wide
Large = 7″ Tall x 8″ Wide
Mega = 10.5″ Tall x 12″ Wide

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Introducing the Link Kirby – a 3D printed masterpiece that brings together the adventurous spirit of Link from The Legend of Zelda with the charming world of Kirby! Embark on a journey through this enchanting crossover as Kirby dons the iconic green cap, sword, and shield, creating a collectible figurine that’s both irresistibly cute and heroically nostalgic.

Crafted with precision and care using cutting-edge 3D printing technology, the Link Kirby figurine captures the essence of both characters in stunning detail. Marvel at Kirby’s signature round form, now adorned with Link’s legendary gear, perfectly blending the whimsy of Kirby with the legendary heroism of Link.

Standing proudly on its display base, the Link Kirby figurine is not just a collectible – it’s a celebration of the imaginative union between two iconic gaming realms. Whether you’re a dedicated Legend of Zelda fan, a Kirby enthusiast, or someone who appreciates the creative merging of beloved characters, this figurine is a must-have addition to your collection.

Display the Link Kirby proudly on your shelf, desk, or wherever you showcase your favorite collectibles. This 3D printed marvel is not only a visual spectacle but also a testament to the boundless creativity that arises when worlds collide in unexpected and delightful ways.

Embrace the heroic cuteness with the 3D printed Link Kirby. It’s more than just a figurine; it’s a delightful representation of the magic that happens when characters from different gaming realms come together, creating a collectible that brings joy and a touch of nostalgia to your collection. Elevate your display with the Link Kirby – where the charm of Kirby meets the legendary heroics of Link!

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Regular, Large, Mega

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Pink, Red, Green, Blue, Purple, White, Orange, Black, Silver, Gold, Teal, Yellow